Source code for inscriptis.html_properties

r"""Provide properties used for rendering HTML pages.

Supported attributes::
 1. :class:`Display` properties.
 2. :class:`WhiteSpace` properties.
 3. :class:`HorizontalAlignment` properties.
 4. :class:`VerticalAlignment` properites.

from enum import Enum

[docs]class Display(Enum): """Specify whether content will be rendered as inline, block or none. .. note:: A display attribute on none indicates, that the content should not be rendered at all. """ inline = 1 block = 2 none = 3
[docs]class WhiteSpace(Enum): """Specify the HTML element's whitespace handling. Inscriptis supports the following handling strategies outlined in the `Cascading Style Sheets <>`_ specification. """ normal = 1 """Collapse multiple whitespaces into a single one.""" pre = 3 """Preserve sequences of whitespaces."""
[docs]class HorizontalAlignment(Enum): """Specify the content's horizontal alignment.""" left = '<' """Left alignment of the block's content.""" right = '>' """Right alignment of the block's content.""" center = '^' """Center the block's content."""
[docs]class VerticalAlignment(Enum): """Specify the content's vertical alignment.""" top = 1 """Align all content at the top.""" middle = 2 """Align all content in the middle.""" bottom = 3 """Align all content at the bottom."""